Tuesday, 23 degrees, feels like 9

Wren on January 5th, 2010

I imagine that the people around me tire of hearing me mention my dislike of winter on a daily (hourly) basis, so I’ll just sigh and get busy.

I’ve printed diagrams for about twenty beginning origami figures, planning to get my Open Classroom students busy on something other than paper airplanes, which are quickly approaching winter on my dislike list. (See how I’m not mentioning it?)

The internet has some crazy impressive origami. We’ll see how long the kids’ interest lasts.


I’ve been nursing my ten year-old Whitfield Quest pellet stove, which seems to be slowly expiring. It was barely adequate to heat my space to begin with and pellet stove technology has improved efficiency in recent years. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to replace it, but I love the idea of building things to last and then keeping them going. I’ve been repairing my car long past the time when others might have traded up.  Still, fuel efficiency and a warmer hut are whistling a tune in my ear…and around my raised shoulders…and my numb fingers and toes…


Heathcote Community has so many new members, and applicants in the pipeline! I need to whip out my social calendar and spend some time getting to know folks! I remember when we numbered around seven or eight. Now at dinner, I step back from the crowd and count twenty-three or so, including members new and old, kids, interns, significant others, etc. What abundance! Thank you all for what you bring. I should invite you all up to huddle around me and keep the frigid draft off me until say, May…Could we just hibernate in a puppy pile?


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