I’m moving through many changes. I’ve recently finished sixteen and a half years of Intentional Community living and nearly ten months of touring and consulting with Occupy groups across the country. Please enjoy reading my amusements and heartbreaks as I bumble and dance on my path. People have a variety of preferred terminology for a journey like mine:

alternative, radical, back to the land, sustainability, irresponsible…

Since I have such varied interests–direct democracy, veganism, intentional community, fair trade, vegetarian dogs, natural living, queer identity, polyamory, etc.; I write about all these things, jumbled together, with tags to help you zero in on topics. Any one could be its own blog, and may be someday. But right now this is my life: Hippie Chick Diaries!

I could cringe at the word “hippie” or “chick,” in politically correct moments. But a huge part of this site is not taking myself too seriously, so I flow and embrace. I have to admit, I’m totally a hippie chick! With dreadlocks, pet goats and a gemstone business, I can’t deny it convincingly!

Mine is a search for Tribe, if anything. In my travels through alternative circles, whether participating day to day at Heathcote, my Intentional Community, making films or selling fair trade to the public at fairie gatherings and music festivals, I collaborate with you in building our culture.

I hope this site can be a portal for you and me to make connections to new pieces of our emerging practice so that we can live more sustainably and peacefully, today and into the future.


This website is substance-free. Despite mainstream stereotypes of dreadlocks and hippies, I don’t use drugs. (I’m the high-on-life style of hippie chick.) My travels may rarely take me to communities where folks are “partaking.” It’s not my purview to report on this, so before you visit any community, ask their drug policy and make your own choice accordingly.

Feel free to spend time with content that calls you, and comment on it. Also send me your thoughts and questions via “Ask Wren.” What content would you like to see on Hippie Chick Diaries?


Wren Tuatha

One Response to “re: HCD”

  1. Far out, hippie chick! Terrific site. I’ll be back often. I wasn’t aware you have a gemstone business. Minnesota’s gemstone is the agate, and my place is full of them. See you ’round Facebook!