The teacher bio:

Wren developed and facilitated Heathcote Community’s Homeschool Open Classroom. She worked with kids, infants through teens, for thirty years. She team-taught mixed age groups at University of Louisville’s Child Care Center, supervising nursing, psychology and education students.

She worked with at-risk children and families at Louisville’s Home of the Innocents and as a welfare caseworker for the State of Kentucky. She served 3 Unitarian-Universalist congregations as Director of Religious Education.

Wren’s work with adults has focused on “toolbox” skills for Intentional Communities and activist groups. Wren teaches Values-Cloud Consensus with partner C.T. Butler and facilitates ZEGG Forums.

Wren studied education at University of Louisville and film at Towson University.

2 Responses to “re: Wren”

  1. Would love to see some of your poetry posted, Wren. I truly did enjoy reading the film script, and especially the poetry, which sounded as if it had been written by Emily!

  2. Had a great time here!