Rita Jane to the Rescue

Wren on September 19th, 2009

Wren & Rita Jane, pig nosesI was privately saying this would be our last year selling Heathcote Earthings at the York Fair. Sales have been fine, but when we figure in the high fairgrounds booth rental, the numbers weren’t so impressive. But it seems the fair organizers have hired a consultant (I saw a car painted with that info on the grounds) and they’ve added new attractions. Result for us: a good year!

I was worried about our new location; The new circus took over our building and we were moved to Memorial Hall West, across from the restrooms. The across from the restrooms part, I like! But people are managing to discover us there, and remember us!

Rita Jane at the York FairEach year at York, Rita Jane from Crystal Cottage helps me in my booth, after I spend eleven days helping the Crystal Cottage folks in their booth at the Maryland State Fair.

I appreciate having Rita Jane help because she’s taught me much of what I know about jewelry making. She’s been at it for twenty years.

This year she’s been helping me catch up on restocking baltic birch, gemstone, pewter and cat’s eye earrings. And we have a fun new collection of ceramic peace signs for pendants. We also have been reintroducing some lampwork glass and foil glass pendants, old favorites.

good Rita Jane's wrappingsWe finally have all this and sterling silver wrapped gemstone pendants on display at the York Fair, which runs through Sunday.

All our new shinies will be front and center for Mother Earth Harvest Fair at Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock, PA on October 4th. This is the location of our favorite festival of every year, the Fairie Festival!!! Please join us for this up and coming fall version.

I’m organizing Intentional Communities to have networking/information tables at Mother Earth. So far, Heathcote, Twin Oaks and Acorn Communities are confirmed.

As I wrap up York and look to Mother Earth, many thanks to Rita Jane who’s been my rock while I work full tilt despite a lingering cold. You make me look good!!!

Wren & Rita Jane at the York Fair

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Little Things Make a Mountain

Wren on September 4th, 2009

Whew! What next? Bring it on…Arkansas was exciting, especially 4-wheeling through the National Forest, including four river crossings. I’m so butch.

Back at Heathcote in time to help my Crystal Cottage friends at the Maryland State Fair, my computer was fried in a lightning strike, my goat Wicca had some mystery illness and my two bald back tires decided to give up, not in the wilds of the Ozarks, but in the fairgrounds parking lot.

I have all the fires put out, I think. But now I’m even further behind in emailing invites to Intentional Communities in our region to have information tables at Spoutwood Farm’s Mother Earth Harvest Fair, October 4th. This borrowed iBook isn’t opening my email for some reason. Oh, joy. Breathe…

This Labor Day weekend should be a barn burner at the State Fair. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of of folks at out booth. We’re in the southeast corner of the Exhibition Hall. Gemstones and crystals!!!

After breaking down the Crystal Cottage booth half the night Monday, I’ll shift into setting up the Heathcote Earthings booth for the York (Pennsylvania) Fair. We’ll be reordering lots of our fair trade instruments for the second weekend there, and have our wonderful diamond-etched pewter pendants the whole time! We’ll also continue our closeout/damaged section at York.

But what’s most in my mind is Mother Earth. I always love Spoutwood’s Fairie Festival each May Day weekend. So I’m thrilled to be a part of growing a fall festival at this important sustainability education site. Sorry this post doesn’t include links for you. Gotta go. But Google away!!!

I’ll resume posting when I get my mac mini back from the shop,

Wren Tuatha

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