Wren Tuatha, Poetry C.V.


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My Second Simone

This Is How She Steps on Snakes

Bacca Blooms

Strands of Emily


www.HippieChickDiaries.com, “Wren Tuatha’s Complicated Adventures in Simple Living,” First person perspective on life in an Intentional Community.


Electronic Media and Film, focus on Screenwriting and Poetry; Minor in Gay and Lesbian Studies, Towson University, Towson, Maryland 1998-2002

Early Elementary Education at University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 1983-1987

J. Graham Brown School, (The Brown School) general studies with a focus on writing 1976-1993


Poetry Circle (now defunct) Editor’s Picks (critique group, not a publication credit): Your Heathcote Poem, Oct. 15, 2017; I Make a Nervous Vessel, Apr. 2, 2017; Addah Belle’s Pocket Watch, Jan. 19, 2017; Bushel Gourds, Dec. 22, 2016; While Jean Doesn’t Write, Nov. 16, 2016; Go Ahead, Nov. 14, 2016; Make Soup You Said, Oct. 1, 2016;

Poetry Circle (now defunct) Featured Work (not a publication credit): Your Heathcote Poem, Oct. 14, 2017; Bergamot, Aug. 28, 2017; Puddle Logic, Aug. 3, 2017; Couture, 1979, July 11, 2017; The Taking Tree, or By a Thread, May 9, 2017; I Make a Nervous Vessel, Apr. 2, 2017; Bushel Gourds, Dec. 22, 2017; Turning Bowls, Dec. 10, 2016; A Pisces in the Timothy, Nov. 30, 2016; The Memory of Snow, Nov. 20, 2016; Peter with Oranges, Nov. 19, 2016; While Jean Doesn’t Write, Nov. 16, 2016; Bobbie Pins, Nov. 6, 2016; Folding Chair, Oct. 1, 2016; Make Soup You Said, Oct. 1, 2016

Towson University Women’s Center and Office of Diversity, grants to produce, promote & perform slam play, This Is How She Steps on Snakes, 2000; grant to direct the play Mothers and Daughters Live through It, by Leah Rae Schofield, 2001

Baltimore Women’s Times Writing Contest, Honorable Mention, Thin Fabric and an Empty Bowl, Under the Trumpet Vines, 1999

The Courier Journal, Young Authors Award for Poetry, The Brown School, 1978


Califragile, Founder Editor, 2017-present.

JUMP International Journal of Modern Poetry, Administrator/Editor, 2017-present.

Poetry Circle (now defunct), Editor, 2016-2017.

Heathcote Center, named Artist-in-Residence, Conducted poetry workshops, open mics, house concerts and other events, 2001-2012

Fiopa Consensus Collective, teach Values-Based Consensus workshops with C.T. Lawrence Butler, author of On Conflict and Consensus, Consensus for Cities and Food Not Bombs: How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community. 2011-present

Occupy Wall Street, Fiopa Consensus Collective toured 14 encampments teaching consensus, meeting skills, non-violent resistance, how to form a Food Not Bombs, basics of Intentional Community, etc. Embedded with OWS at Zuccotti Park. 2011-2012

Heathcote Open Classroom, founder and facilitator. Consensus, arts and nature-based program for homeschoolers. 2004-20011.

First Unitarian Church, Louisville/Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of York/Unitarian- Universalists of the Cumberland Valley, Director of Religious Education

Home of the Innocents, cared for shelter children.

University of Louisville Child Care Center, team-taught mixed-age preschool groups. Taught education, psychology and nursing students embedded in my classroom.


Sunday Salon Critique and Performance Group, co-founder with Poet Jean Cushman

Curio Coast Productions, produced slam poetry performances Puddle Logic, Under the Trumpet Vines, Poetic Justice aka This Is How She Steps on Snakes, The Choreography of Cursive, the short film/fundraiser Trust Your Story. 1999. Produced short films of poems, Totems of a Road-Colored Goat, 2000, and Sparrow, Like Everyone. 2001.