Summer Camp Shiny Things

Wren on July 22nd, 2009

I’m forty-three and I just got home from summer camp. I attended Summer Camp East, put on by Network for a New Culture and my friends at Chrysalis Community. I didn’t go canoeing or swimming. I didn’t ride horses, although I did hear some rumors about another camper, “Mustang Sarah…”

Here is a starting list of (PG-13) shiny things I collected at camp:

trees rooted around boulders the size of my car

a stick the exact length of the rainfly pole I forgot

a raccoon who thought my tent was a 24 hour convience store

a racoon by the dome

a raccoon who sat at my table at lunch

my tie dyed sheets

genderfluid; gender fluids

“The handwashing stations are now in place.”

the little red “dress”

“The middle is open for shares of any length.”

47 ways to wear a sarong

things to do with a sarong once you’ve taken it off

“Wren’s personal mug–DO NOT USE. I have cooties. More mugs are on the way”

women standing to pee (not covered under gender fluids)

men having to lift their skirts to pee

men in skirts

meal circle song dissenters–”I don’t ‘Fah Who Foraze’”


Complete lyrics to that syrupy Whoville anthem:

Fah Who foraze, Dah Who doraze

Welcome, Christmas, come this way

Fah Who foraze, Dah Who doraze

Welcome, Christmas, Christmas Day

Welcome, Welcome

Fah Who Rah Moos

Welcome, Welcome

Dah Who Dah Moos

Christmas Day is in our grasp

So long as we have hands to clasp
Fah Who foraze, Dah Who doraze

Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer

Fah Who foraze, Dah Who doraze

Welcome, all Whos far and near

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