Owning the Rights to “Coexist”

Wren on July 3rd, 2008

Come on people! You’re handing me website topics on a fair trade, lead free, made in USA pewter platter!

Buying for my store, Heathcote Earthings, I have tried to order buttons and bumper stickers with the slogan, “coexist,” written in letters made of spiritual symbols from around the world. I’ve been told by wholesalers Northern Sun, Gypsy Rose and others that it’s unavailable. I’m bummed. Is this because it’s such a popular idea that, like me, they keep selling out? No! They aren’t able to offer it because there’s a copyright dispute over the “coexist” design!!!

This is a repeat of the episode when Aurora Glass, a charitable non-profit benefiting the homeless, had to stop producing suncatchers in the Celtic tree-of-life design we all used to doodle on our middle school notebooks because someone registered it!!!

Okay. I can play this game. Everyone check my photos for a picture of my hand sporting a lovely goddess/ivy mendhi tattoo. You’re on notice that I’m gonna trademark that image. Anyone ever getting a mendhi tattoo on their hand is gonna owe me 6 1/2 cents…

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